Employee and Applicant Tracking System

The Overture employee and applicant tracking system Is not your normal ATS system. The Overture system manages all activities for all your employees as well as new applicants who are expressing interest in joining your company. Whether individuals are full-time, part-time, or contractors, W2 or 1099 paid, the Overture system manages every aspect of their day-to-day work efforts. Built into the system is SMS texting, Email, and our VOIP phone system with call recordings always providing seamless two-way communications. All communications are maintained within the individual's profile for easy reference. Certifications, permits, licenses, and any other documentation that is required for an individual to be authorized to work for your company are readily accessible in one system. Overture has a very comprehensive expiration date tracking and notification process built in to ensure that employers never have people working without proper and up-to-date credentials. The system integrates with your candidate marketing programs so that applicants are seamlessly driven to create their profile and for the employer to move individuals through the required interview and onboarding stages leading to their ultimate authorization to work for the employer.

Continuously Build your pool of authorized candidates

The Overture candidate marketing funnel allows the employer to have a constant presence through any advertising method and to drive people directly to the system to create their profile and proceed through the steps required to ultimately become authorized to work for the employer. The in-system communication tools allow employers to remain in contact with their authorized pool to keep them up to date on activities occurring within the company. Build your pool of candidates, keep them informed and ready to work for you, full-time, part-time, across multiple facilities, or in any manner that is required for your organization to have full shift coverage with qualified and authorized individuals that you have interviewed, vetted and onboarded.


The Overture engineering group has vast experience implementing two-way API’s where required by the employer to ensure that duplicate data entry and duplicate record keeping is kept to an absolute minimum if at all. Overture integrates with existing ATS, payroll, billing, time tracking, VMS systems, and other SaaS systems so that the employer never needs to be concerned about data integrity and security.

When an API is required for proper data integration, Overture takes the lead in communicating with the employers other SaaS vendors to ensure that they have the required secure technology in place to implement an API properly.

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