About Overture / System Features

Overture is a paradigm-changing SaaS system and procedural process that provides its users with a fully integrated, single source of truth SaaS platform. Controlling and storing all information required to manage any position level in any industry, full-time or part-time, employees, contractors, per diem individuals, PRN, and travel-based workers. In addition, the platform seamlessly manages the intake from comprehensive candidate marketing, candidate interviews, onboarding, PTO, overtime controls, and performance reviews. The Overture platform can be integrated with other SaaS modules employers are currently running as required through our two-way API capabilities. The Overture platform incorporates in-system SMS, Email, and VOIP phone calling with recordings all in one place within the individual's profile. All communications back and forth between individuals is maintained in the communication history section of the individual's profile. The Overture system and process combines best-in-class traditional scheduling with our paradigm-changing GIG economy scheduling to help ensure that all of your shifts are covered with qualified top performers.

Overture utilizes data element color coding and real-time alerts throughout the system to ensure that critical situations are addressed in a timely fashion by all system users. With users staying vigilant by focusing on green, yellow, and red highlighted activities and taking the appropriate action within the notification center, Overture system users are guaranteed a much higher success rate in filling their shifts properly with qualified high-performing individuals.

The Overture System Features:

Real-Time GPS Enabled Dashboard Management System

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Immediate Insights into All Activity

  • GPS tracking employee arrival times, configurable durations
  • Intuitive and Easy to Use
  • Shift Coverage / Shifts at Risk / Expediting Tools
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Color Coded Status and Action Requirements
  • Built In SMS Text, Email, and VOIP Phone calls with recordings stored in system

Employee and Applicant Tracking System

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Integrated Marketing / Advertising Direct to Employee and Candidate Profile Creation

Compliance Tracking, Credentialing Tracking

90-Day Advanced Warnings for Upcoming Expiration Dates

Expired Credentials Will Not Allow the Person to Work Shifts Until Updated and Vetted

Manages Any Business Vertical and Any Job Title and Requirement

Single or Multi-Location

Candidate Intake (Any Professional Level)

  • Employees and Contractors / Full Time / Part Time/ Per Diem / PRN / Gap Coverage / Travel

Customized Documentation Upload and Reporting

Candidate Search with Criteria / Certifications / Specialties / Languages / Other

Candiate Intake Status Coding

  • Express Interest
  • Interview
  • Onboard
  • Authorize
  • Not Interested / Rejected
  • Authorization Holds
  • Customized Employee and Candidate Push Notifications

Candidate Vetting with Automatic Custom Internal and External Communications

  • Upload External Qualifying Certifications / Licenses/ Permits / Visa / Background Checks / Other External Documentation as Required by the Employer for Candidate Onboarding
  • Track Open and Completed Documentation Required to Vet Candidates for Complete Employee and Candidate Authorization
  • Track All Individuals Through the System by Process Stage
  • Authorize
  • Not Interested / Rejected
  • Authorization Holds
  • Customized Employee and Candidate Push Notifications

Internal Employee / External Candidate Scheduling

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GPS Powered, Color Coded Shift Management Dashboard with Single Click Scheduling

Shifts With Priority Release Posting (Your Mentors, Favorites, 5 Star employees First, Then your 4 Stars, Then 3 Stars, etc.)

  • Single Shifts and multi shifts
  • Repetitive and Variable Repetitive Shifts
  • Encounters (Specific Location Visits with Real-time Map Locations/Plotting)

Schedule All Internal Full-time / Part-time and Contractor Employees

Multi-facility Resource Sharing

Shift Incentives – With a Configurable Payrate

Shift Claim Reversal

Automatic or Manual Shift Reposting

Candidate Expediting Tools

Shift Swapping

In System Voice to Text Incident Report

Variable Payrate Management Based on Shift Time of Day

Mileage and Travel Differentials

Overtime Limit Management

Create Teams for Group Scheduling

Automated System Shift Coverage Reposting

Performance Management and Monitoring / Staffing Quality Measures

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GPS Tracking

In System SMS Texting

In System Emailing

In System VOIP Calling with Recordings

In System Video Conference Calling

GPS Driven Voice-To-Text In System Incident and Emergency Reporting

Performance Ratings, Manual and System Generated

Performance Rating System With 1 Star To 5 Star Levels as Well As Favorite Candidate Level and Mentor Level

Employee and Candidate App

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Authorized W2 / 1099 Instant Shift Notification With One-Touch Shift Claim

Scheduled Shift Calendar with Payrates

Check-in / Check Out / Lunch / Breaks

Shift Claim Reversal with Performance Rating Impact

Key Contact Communications

GPS Driven Voice-To-Text In System Incident and Emergency Reporting

Reporting and Analytics

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Realtime Full Dashboard Reporting / User Defined

Full System Data Export Capability

On Screen Sorting and Filtering

Situational And Priority Action Color Coding (Green, Yellow, Red)

Payroll / Time Tracking 2-Way API’s

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24-hour pay option

Realtime Secure API Data Feed to Enterprise Payroll and Financial Systems

Third-Party Money Transfers (Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, Gusto, Other) W2 and 1099 Federal and State Compliant In All States

Direct Deposit Via ACH

Optional Use of The Overture Payroll System for W-2 and 1099 Workers

Microsoft Azure Hosted / Scalable / Secure

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Meets The Highest Level Of Cloud Hosting Security

Scalable To Suit Fast Data Transactions and Data Storage

Implementation / Needs Assessment

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Understand The Employer's Current Operating Environment

Process Flow Current Environment

Review Feature Sets and Processes and Procedures Using the Overture System

Process Flow Overture Operating Systems and Processes into the Day-to-Day Employer Process

Create User Manual and Operating Instructions Specific for the Employer Engagement


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Unlimited Employer Training

  • Onsite / Remote
  • Train The Trainers
  • Customized Employee and Candidate Training Seminars and System User Guides

Overture White Glove Services

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Overture Offers Hands-on Services to Manage Your Day-to-Day Activities as an extension of Your Internal Workforce. Overture Steps in as Your Partner and Manages Activities at Your Request

The Overture System and App Can be Branded with Your Name for Internal Use and Public Facing

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