Employee Performance Monitoring

One of the numerous gamification aspects of the Overture system and process is employee shift performance ratings. The system allows employers to rate the performance of everyone on a shift-by-shift basis after each shift on a 1-to-5-star basis along with the ability to add a comment as well. The ratings accumulate over time to provide employers with an understanding of an individual’s cumulative performance as well as the ability for the system to use these performance ratings when assigning or posting shifts for claim. Individuals working shifts for employers are systematically encouraged to maintain their performance ratings to remain in excellent standing when it comes to shift assignments or shift claiming. The system allows the employer to set operating guidelines that can affect an individual performance rating if they are late for a shift, do not show up for a shift, or are not following the proper process and procedure as indicated by the employer for the use of the App.

An individual's performance rating allows the employer to raise an individual to a “favorite” level, which is one level above a 5-star rating as well as a “mentor” level which is above the favorite level. With these ratings, individuals can earn the opportunity for career advancement, training, education, bonuses, on-site mentorship, and other opportunities and rewards as determined and implemented by the employer.

The employee performance monitoring detail can also roll up into the employer's formal performance review process and documentation so that all pertinent information regarding their day-to-day performance is documented.

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